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Piotr Bernad

Head of Service Delivery

Passionate about building and leading cross-functional teams optimized for delivering business value for tech-backed Companies. Big fan of the Extreme Ownership approach.

Crafting Global Success: The Synergy of UAE Visionaries and Polish Tech Prowess

| 4 min read

Discover how UAE startups are harnessing the power of Polish developers. Dive into the journey of product creation, bridging Dubai's visionaries with Europe's top tech teams.

Stop wasting money on MVP, build to get first customers instead.

| 3 min read

As a former developer and entrepreneur-wannabe, I learned that having good ideas and coding skills is not enough to build a successful startup. Investing in code caused me a lot of stress in the past, even though it wasn't a financial burden. However, I eventually learned that there are other ways to go about it.

How to Tackle Software Development Delays: A Practical Guide for Startup Founders

| 3 min read

As a startup founder, the delays in your software development projects can be a major headache. But instead of finding excuses, it's time to uncover the root causes and act on them effectively.

Why do we use hypothesis at all?

| 2 min read

Every time we come up with a change that affects not only our team but other parts of the organization, we put ourselves at risk because, due to our limited perspective, we might not see the consequences in other places. The natural way to minimize this risk is to ask for feedback. But here's the catch: If we ask for feedback on the change, we might receive poor feedback or none at all. Why is that?

Gains and Tradeoffs of Appunite Culture

| 5 min read

How do you actually contribute to the Appunite’s mission?

| 6 min read

Being a #1 partner is our North Star 🤩, we believe we can get there, but what’s more exciting, we enjoy the journey 🧗. The journey is where your involvement can make the biggest influence. It’s essential for our growth.

Alignment tools for every leader

| 5 min read